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The 14 glorious acres of vineyard, oriented with a perfect east northeasterly aspect, ensuring ample ripening sun, consists of almost equal plantings of the trade mark Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for which this region is so well-known. The rich red clay soil of Main Ridge is responsible for so much of the character and strength of the wine. To ensure that there is no excess vine vigour, chicory has been planted between the vines, which also serves to give the vineyard a further beauty.

The vineyard itself is fed by its own clear water stream and irrigation rarely used, except in times of drought, as soil moisture is closely monitored - another example of the exquisite detail that is the art of Yrsa's winemaking.

Yrsas is not a commercial undertaking in the mould of most vineyards. The owners, the managers and staff are all wine enthusiasts and this is borne out in the liquid splendour that pours from every bottle they personally hand label and pack. The emphasis is purely on quality at every level, and everything is in the detail.

Yrsa's Vineyard is committed to producing high quality wines and thus keeps the cropping level very low, averaging 1½ tonnes per acre (about 20 hectolitres per hectare).

The vineyard consultant is Dr David Jordan of New Zealand, The wine is made using small batch winemaking by Michael Kyberd and Judy Gifford, a winemaker of considerable expertise, providing consulting input.

The 2003 and 2004 wines are currently sold under the "Ursa Major " label , whilst 2005 return to the orginal "Yrsa's Vineyard" label. The wines are available in selected restaurants and retailers in Melbourne through our distributor.

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